“See You on the Other Side” Part IV

It has been nine days since my dramatic announcement.

Nine days since I’ve posted anything new on FB, or followed Life, the News, Events, Trends, and cat videos via the news feed.

[And I need make a full disclosure: I have been ‘called back’ by various Ouija boards in the hands of various FBfriends – mainly by getting mentioned (thrice), or commenting in specific threads of interest or importance as notified via Gmail. Oh, and once by inadvertently posting because I had signed a petition against cruelty to cherry blossoms.]

So what do I have to show for it? Sod all.

Except – (magically, it seemed) I suddenly had all this free time, and more energy. I began blogging regularly. I became more creative in other areas of my life. I discovered entire on-line worlds of information, trends and news that has never ever shown up on FB. Yes! And magazines I’d never heard of. Books, ditto. Writers, ditto. Artists and musicians. ditto.

It is almost as if there are two worlds, no: Actual Parallel Dimensions where two different humanities live. In one: a kind of zombie plague of cat videos has spread across the world – sapping us of our intellectual powers such that we spend our time talking about the housework we haven’t done, our session at the gym, our lunch/dinner/cafe experience, our aches and pains, our latest acquisitions, and we photograph our shoes/nail-polish/bathroom mirrors/lunches/dinners/bruises/latest acquisitions and publish them for the world to care, not that it often does.

In the other world it is always spring in Japan. Very little happens. No-one ever says anything about their day-to-day lives. They all live in empty tatami rooms. They know about books. A lot about books, and other rarefied subjects. so rarefied, in fact, that they do not even appear in my feed.

But there are signs of hope. Like drops of glitter left behind on a train seat by someone going home after a vajazzle appointment, little flashes of normality are to be seen. People I actually *know*, in real life, are posting.

Lo! – A photo! Two ordinary people at McDonalds, probably there for lunch (no photos of that. Yet). I shall treasure it.

And BANTER! Yes, real actual banter has occurred, just this evening. Subject: another ‘Frozen’ Movie is due out. My comment: “I’m already hiding in my bed. Call me when it’s all over.” How …. strangely … normal.

Have I finally made a break-through?

Or have I, in fact, broken the Other Dimension? Is this the beginning of its doom? Has my careless blundering and my unworthy childish need for banter inadvertently broken the Seventh Seal?

The Kitteh-Video Zombie Apocolypse is about to swarm into yet another world, one kept safe up until now by nothing more than a flimsy membrane of carefully crafted boredom. OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!

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