Zen Pencil; ‘Living Without Purpose’

There is a beautiful website, and I’d be surprised to discover you’ve never come across it.

DiveInDive in. [Image taken from HERE:]

So of course I want to be in there too with that dazzlingly powerful inspirational quote from the once-famous Ged Maybury. Thus an idea is born; a writer’s inspiration. [Read how it went for Mary Shelley. She had dreams too!]

Here’s mine:

“There’s this concept that you have to discover your Purpose; your Calling. A deep instinct to pursue an epic journey and achieve YOUR role, vocation, art or style of personal expression. And – everyone has one.

“I love this idea, and I’ve used it to beat myself up for decades on end. I’ve longed to answer the question that burns me up almost on a daily basis: ‘What should I do with my life?’ ‘What is my calling?’ ‘I really need an answer here, God! Time’s running out!’

“But no answer comes.

“I’m cursed by two opposing forces: Too Many Gifts; No Guidance System. Yes: cursed. Too many gifts is a curse!!

“I’m a ship with a hundred sails and no compass; no map. I’m blown across an ocean of possibilities, never in any one place for long. But while I was there, say on the Island of Fringe Theatre – I did epic things. While crossing the Straights of Cosplay; Epic Things. Sculpture-land ; amazing stuff. Poetry: ditto. And all those books. All. Those. Books! I spent 10 years ascending the Mount of Architecture in the hope of a compass bearing. 10 years wasted. Yet I still produced two unique buildings. And happy clients.

“But I never stayed long enough. To my dismay my ship would be suddenly blown out to sea again, with me upon the poop-deck looking back in grief and shouting, ‘But I was just getting started! I wanted to do more!’ The memories all hurt; they always will.

“So what do the Inspirational Quoters have about that one? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. I listen hard, but they never have anything for me. That kinda hurts too.

“But if I could say it, what would it be? This:

“If you can’t find your Calling, you’re not alone. Agonize not! Just do whatever the heck you’re doing RIGHT NOW. Make Art. Write. Sing. And when it dies then bury it, salute and move on. Because at the next turn of the road there’ll be a new friend, a new game. Play it as if there’ll be no tomorrow! Sure: it’s going to be a messy life, but it’s YOU.

“And that’s okay.”





3 thoughts on “Zen Pencil; ‘Living Without Purpose’

  1. Lindsay Gregory

    Very well put. That’s quotable.

    Have you read any Lloyd Geering. He’s spent many years thinking and writing on the topic of purpose.


    “God is (just) an expression of the mystery of the evolving cosmos.

    Without God, we are doomed to disappear, leaving no trace we were ever here. Ashes to ashes. Why get up in the morning? “To respond to that I would say in the past we have lived our lives on the linear view that the goal is very important at the end. Well, I have to confess now the goal is not important at all,” he says. “What’s important is what happens now.””

  2. Lloyd Geering! Yes indeed I have heard of him. Can’t remember how, can’t remember when, but I even feel I might have crossed his path somewhere way back when I was a teenager attending ‘Bible Class'[*] in the glory days of Wakari Presbyterian Church.
    Or I read his book. Or something.

    Anyway, the Listener article is a delight, he is a delight. Thank you so much!

    [ * It was revolutionary for its time. We spent exactly zero hours actually studying the fecking Bible! It was really all about sex, ciggies and Rock & Roll, man! And Beatle boots and paisley shirts, too.]

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