Announcing Yet Another Book!

QUICK LINK [go on; you know you want to read it!]:


Huddled in a dying town far from the pulse of Galactic civilisation, a sad and surly community of crims, losers and tough-arse truckies are saved by the ‘miracle’ of an old piano and a moody geisha, while the same Fates relentlessly flay a young wanker’s vainglorious visualisations. Can naive intern Filmore Bagel survive his stint in dour & deadly Edgetown, or will he turn and run like all the others? Is he really a miracle worker? Is this shit-storm really called ‘Destiny’? Is he ever going to get laid? And what have the Fates got planned for his final day?

A stand-alone sci-fi novel somewhat in the classic style, probably influenced by all the sci-fi dudes (and that one dudette; Ursula LeGuin) whose works I absorbed like a teenage sponge way back in the 1960s. But not entirely. I enjoyed subverting the 1950s idea that only Men went off to other planets to Do Important Shit while Women stood around crying “Help!” and “I am only here as The Love Interest!”

Also enjoyed giving my characters some very contemporary dialogue and vocab:


Anyway, if you’re a sci-fi buff looking for something further off the edge that the usual fare, you too can thrill to the madness for only $2.99US. Ridiculously cheap!

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