3 *More* New Books, FYI!

Y’know, there are just days when you publish ten books. Happens to the best of us.


TEARS BEFORE HALF-TIME:  Twelve-year-old Jamie gets swept into the world of his soccer-mad father and elder brother, but it soon becomes a nightmare for useless left-footed James Wigram. His heart and his mind are often far from the sportsfield. Soccer is definitely not his passion, but has the time come to fight for what does matter? The winter drags on, and Jamie finally raises the ire of team captain Fulton beyond boiling point. After the fight, Jamie decides to hatch a secret plan to chase his own dreams. But will it unleash another calamity, this time inside his own family?

THE SIZZLEWITZ LIST:  Bio-Police Cadets Jool and Ditt have one last chance to get something right, but when Vazzeck finds a mystery shopping list and Baan charges off to investigate, it seems their last chance is blown. A gang of nasty Edderboks are up to evil and the cadets are soon in trouble. A desperate call to Supervisor Hoofer fails to raise the alarm after Vazzeck is captured, so Baan, working alone, has to risk everything for the girl who … Well: she seems to hate him! This should be a job for B-Pol, but Supervisor Hoofer still doesn’t care. Can two slightly extraordinary kids do anything to stop notorious Galactic Criminal Queen ‘Murkirio’ from pulling off her audacious heist?

DINOSAUR APPLES:  Flush with cash from their previous adventure, Randy and Piho head to Australia to catch up with geek-girl Tammy, but they’re soon immersed in trouble, or to be more precise: flood-water! And that’s how Randy discovers the most amazing fossil ever found in Australia. Naturally he’s busting to share it with budding paleontologist Tammy, but he also has the chance to sell it for a cool million to that dude from the Berlin Museum, so the secret is kept until the deal is done. Of course it all turns to kanga-poo as soon as the kids discover that “Fossie” has already been stolen!  Furious, Tammy takes charge; teaming them up with local nerd Winton and chum Nikki; triggering a crazy car-chase towards a classic showdown with the thief & his henchmen (& the Australian Federal Police, two famous Cricket Teams & a Very Large Cake). Chaos ensues!

[“Dinosaur Apples” is Book 4 in Ged Maybury’s ‘Horse Apples’ comedy series. The others, previously published in paperback by Scholastic NZ, are “Horse Apples”, “Crab Apples” & “Pig Apples”. I hope to digitally re-publish them later this year.]

END-NOTE: All of these have been brewing for 15+ years, and all of them have been soundly ignored by a whole lot of publishers.

“So Hah! In yer faces, Publishers! I did it myself!” [Only in digital.]




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