Random acts of writing …

No act of kindness, No matter How small, is ever wasted | Small acts of  kindness, Kindness quotes, Random acts of kindness

I keep forgetting to write new stuff. But in fact – I’ve a ton of ‘old stuff’ that’ll be new to you.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – I’m guilty as charged. I Paid for someone’s groceries, one day. Her card wasn’t working … there was a long queue building up … “Here, use my card.” Bam; done!

$5 for some kid’s lunch. Phoned for an ambulance. Helped someone park. Rescued a huge moth from my bedroom …

But some would have gone un-remarked, if it were not for Facebook:

As it was recorded, the day it happened:

So there you have it: I am part of a tiny elite. Out of all of humanity, I’ve rescued a spider from my toilet bowl.

(They look like this, BTW:

The huntsman spider: Two legs, good; eight legs ... err ... | The Canberra  Times | Canberra, ACT
They are our friends. (But cockroaches – are not!)

And so – as it is said – “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

When I die – I’ll be whisked away to Spider Heaven where they’ve already built a statue in my honour – and thousands of spiders will arrive to reward me with mouthfuls of partly digested cockroach. … Unless the Moth Gods get to me first and take me to their heaven instead. I’m praying for that.

Anything except the angry Chicken Gods! … PLEASE, NO!!

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