UFOs … Game On!

So … it’s all out in the open now. The US military has shared a lot about their experiences – and it certainly seems legit. Radar records, cockpit recordings, video, and all those monogrammed alien handkerchiefs found washed up on Miami Beaches. Piles of solid evidence that UFOs are real, that they’ve been jerking us around for generations, and that the US military hasn’t a fecking clue what they actually are.


One interesting outcome is that a lot of non-military people who’ve had direct experiences of these zany flying thingies now feel safe to finally speak out once more, and be respected this time around. And thus an important debate is sweeping the … oh look: Volcanoes! Covid! Worldwide Global Climate Crises! …

Yes, there’s a lot going on. Not like the 1970s when you could discuss this stuff for weeks, read all the books on conspiracies (there were five of them) and generally feel like Something Big And Mysterious Was Going On!

But back to NOW. Here is one such video: Elderly chap calmly talks to camera about what he witnessed in his teen years. There is something compellingly credible about the whole thing. There were multiple witnesses! Something really did happen in his little corner of the world that night. Astonishing things. Things that no-one could forget. Two UFOs having an all-out punch-up until one of them actually crashed!

To this elderly chap – he witnessed real aggression. “Hostile” is one of his words. “Conflict” another.

However what I picked out of his account is a very common theme: how these ‘craft’ move. And the size of them, too. Small. Most common theme: they move at high speed, can instantaneously change direction, and vanish in one place, to reappear elsewhere … aaand stuff.

If we try and understand this from our framework of physics – it’s gobsmacking. Bone-crushing accelerations, or some sort of inertia-cancellation tech; Portal-like transfers … and no apparent source of propulsion. WTF?

But as I listened to his account – something occurred to me: GAME-PHYSICS.

If you were a non-playable character (an ‘NPC’) and you were sentient enough to notice the behaviour of the Street Fighters, or the Platform-Jumpers, or the Squid Sisters, or battling Pokemon or any number of other intrusions into your world, you’d be perplexed (to say the least!)

Also – it would be very easy to perceive these intruders as being extremely aggressive towards each other. Or just .. CRAZY! And there’d be smoking bodies dropping all around you – that would tidily dissolve away to nothing within a few seconds. Ditto smashed cars, downed planes, fragmented buildings, etc, etc.

It got me thinking. Here is exactly quote of what I wrote in his comments section:

“Just a thought: If we watched kids goofing around on the way to school and we had no grasp of the concept of ‘play’ – we might perceive their interactive behaviour as ‘hostile’. Similarly, if we were somehow inserted into an action-packed video game with no idea of what was going on or where we were – once more the idea could arise that we were witnessing hostilties. As to the observation (common to almost all UFO reports) of instantaneous changes in direction – this would suggest a technology that can neutralise inertia and momentum. Coo-ool! Or are we seeing the other end of some sort of trans-dimensional insertion? What we currently call ‘Virtual Reality’ – but made real?”

I’m serious here – not that my suggestion is exactly right – but that we might actually understand the UFO phenomena for what it is if we re-perceived it as a game being played by far more highly evolved sentient/tech-savvy aliens – their game-physics necessarily being played out upon the surface of our ‘dimension’.

A trans-dimensional game or sport – impacted into our physical reality but seldom leaving any permanent trace. If we can allow the idea that some part of their ‘game-vehicles’ needs to penetrate into our physical world – exactly like the hull of a boat needs to partly embed itself into water in order to float and get traction – and sail if is wind-powered.

If you were a fish and began to wonder about what kept on happening overhead, what would you make of the current style of the America’s Cup yacht races? If all you could see were the hydrofoils going at insane speeds (compared to fish), and turning at crazy meaningless angles and chasing each other and seemingly making aggressive attacks and chases … but you had no concept of wind, or of a simple harmless sport being played out by obsessive billionaires?

Serious question: Is that any different to how we’re currently experiencing UFOs in out skies? Are they just a sport? A game? A high-speed, high-tech bit of jolly fun being played on wizz-bang hoverboards that need to poke their keel into our dimension, via some interdimensional ‘gate’ or ‘peg’ or … dare I say it: portal?

Why? I don’t know. Flotation? Traction? Texture? An element of Risk or Danger or Thrill that is not otherwise available in their source-dimension? The analogy is wide open.

But the one thing that may be worth challenging is our concept that these beings, and their activities, are hostile.

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