3 *More* New Books, FYI!

Y'know, there are just days when you publish ten books. Happens to the best of us. TEARS BEFORE HALF-TIME:  Twelve-year-old Jamie gets swept into the world of his soccer-mad father and elder brother, but it soon becomes a nightmare for useless left-footed James Wigram. His heart and his mind are often far from the sportsfield. …

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Announcing Yet Another Book!

QUICK LINK [go on; you know you want to read it!]: https://books2read.com/u/bOG8P9 Huddled in a dying town far from the pulse of Galactic civilisation, a sad and surly community of crims, losers and tough-arse truckies are saved by the 'miracle' of an old piano and a moody geisha, while the same Fates relentlessly flay a …

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