All My Books Since 1986:

Timetwister (1986 children’s Sci-fi)

Jason, his brother troy, and their sister Helena discover that they possess the gift of time travel. Through the TimeTwister video game they discover that they have to use their powers to to conduct an important mission – to prevent the wrong future from coming to pass … one that would endanger their father.

Silicone Stew (1990 children’s Sci-fi)

Stewart Wardroff thinks he’s pretty cool wearing his shiny new ‘micro-Max 2000’ wristwatch to school, but the girl he hates the most; Amanda Wentworth, turns up with a much cooler toy – her computerised real-to-life silicon monkey William. When Stew screws up her Big Moment he unleashes trouble, and it just gets worse. Running away from home with a rapidly mutating monster that loves him very much, Stew ends up in a real-life showdown that almost turns deadly.

StarTroopers (1991 children’s Sci-fi)

Reality mimics fiction as two children uncover some uncomfortable truths about the mighty Byzandaar Empire and avert a Galactic war.


The Triggerstone (1993 children’s Sci-fi)

Jinnie was standing at the back of the classroom when she heard a long, low rumbling noise…she was thrown sideways across the nearest desk. “Earthquake!” she shouted. But if it was an earthquake, why didn’t anyone else feel it? It’s not just earthquakes. Mysterious men in mirrored sunglasses arrive in the town. A mysterious Maori elder warns of untold damage to the earth. A journal written entirely in code could be the answer…

The Seventh Robe (1993 Teen Science Fiction)

Leaving the simple life of a remote southern village, Jarra-A-Kombi finds himself in the centre of tumultuous events that threaten the centuries-old harmony of Noogiya. Offering himself as a novice in the Guilds, he receives an ominous black robe at the Ceremony of Choosing.
Why does this robe cause such a stir, and why are the Northerner missionaries taking such an interest? Is he to be their prophesied leader or must he serve the Robe Master Women in the Circle of Six? Who is the mysterious Grey Agent, and what is he planning? And will his companion from home – the dynamic Kayfa, shun him because of this robe?

The Rebel Masters (1995 Teen Science Fiction)

In this sequel to ‘The Seventh Robe’, Noogiya’s conflict with the Northerners takes a new turn after the Andrayez Affair. But Jarra, the unpopular Black Robe, is kept cloistered from these matters until he proves useful in the game-plan of Grey-Master Fox. Kayfa, his passionate and rebellious friend, is also being prepared by Fox, but for what? Then, as the clouds of intrigue darken over the Cloisters of Karmadul, their friendship suddenly blossoms into something new. But will there be room for love when the storm finally breaks between Fox and the Rebel Masters?

Hive of the Starbees (1995 children’s Sci-fi)

“Hive of the Starbees” tells the story of the first startroopers, thirty years before the events in “Startroopers, the Final Episode”
Trapped aboard a stinking pirate spaceship with a bunch of pirate scum, Varja D’Rotimar dreams of freedom and a better life, but when they pick up a distress signal from a tiny escape pod, things just get worse and worse. Crash-landed on a faraway planet, she and her three new friends must find a way to get into the Hive of the Starbees, because if they don’t they’ll be there forever. Little do they know that the dreaded Blitzoids are also on their way to claim the very same treasure.

Horse Apples 1998

[Kids’ Comedy-of-errors]

Randy and Piho need some pocket money. Their intention to steal some money from the owner of a stud farm soon changes and they begin working for the farm manager gathering up horse manure and selling it at a roadside stall. Telling lies about the purpose of their stall leads to the whole of the school league team selling manure to raise money for new jerseys. Further deception turns to good when the boys become involved with a television crew who want to use children from their school in a TV commercial which will earn the school a lot of money. The commercial, however, stars Randy and Piho in a most unexpected way.

Crab Apples 2000

[Kids’ Comedy-of-errors]

Randy and Piho have discovered an easy way to earn some much-needed funds during the summer holidays. They then discover that Piho’s Uncle Bubba has a secret ingredient to make his garden grow: seaweed. But it’s not just any old seaweed, it is a also the vital, secret ingredient for ‘Sea-Life Jelly’ that sells at the local health food shop for mega-bucks. A deal is struck and the boys start business, selling it raw for $10 a kilogram, blissfully unaware that their seaweed is contaminated with toxic waste. And what is slimy local businessman Barry Boyd up to with those big blue barrels?

I Am Leatherman  2001

[Teen True-to-life Adventure]

Jake is fed up with his wealthy parents’ divorce and being forced to leave his familiar home and school. So when the opportunity arises to slip out of all the arrangements being made, he sneaks back to his mother’s deserted townhouse on the edge of the city and takes charge of his own life. As long as he tells a few little fibs then everyone will stop messing with his life. Then the power gets cut off, he meets a girl (and a goat), and foolishly promises everyone at his new school an awesome party without parents! As his dream turns to a nightmare, Jake frantically tries to keep it all together.

Pig Apples 2002

[Kids’ Comedy-of-errors]

Piho Waitere is looking after his Uncle Matt’s pig dog Blowfly. One day when he and his best friend Randy Cathro are out walking in the Journale Forest Reserve they discover that Blowfly can find more than just pigs – he uncovers a truffle, or pig apple as they are later code-named. Soon the boys realise that they have stumbled upon “black gold” and they make a deal with a “French” chef named Pierre. He sells the truffles on behalf of the boys to his contacts in the city. The money starts to roll in and things seem great until the council decides to reassess Journale Reserve. With their secret stash under threat the boys are forced into action. What follows are some hilarious antics which see Randy joining A.R.F., an animal rights group. However, this is more of an attempt to win the admiration of his love Tammy, than to save some abused pigs. Chaos ensues and the boys eventually learn a valuable lesson about community.

Scuttle and the Zipzaps  2003

[Junior Chapter Book]

Zak and Zelma ZipZap get a cool new pet – a Flootle – but little do they know what he really is. As things start to go wrong that day all around Fridgelon Five, the children get mixed up in a terrible plot by the Glangwoos to take over the world. Will they figure out what Scuttle really is? Or will they still thinks he’s just a cute little alien?

Snowcave Inn 2005

[Teen True-to-life Adventure]

A group of New Zealand teenagers set of for a fun weekend snow-caving in the southern mountains. Then small mistakes begin to multiply into disasters…

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