Greetings, and great things.

Welcome to Steamed Up; my little corner of the internet.  But there’s nothing smutty going on here. It’s not THAT kind of ‘steamed up’, Sir/Ma’am!

Don’t expect a lot about Steampunk. That’s just one of my sidelines. Here you’ll meet the real me. It’s where I come to be honest, or crazy, or intense, or downright friviooius. [Oooo; that’s a keeper! I enjoy random typos.  (I also like using brackets. To me, punctuation marks are sculptural materials.) (Does that annoy you? Tough!)]

Poke and pry. Comment. Enjoy! Thank you for visiting.

[HEADER IMAGE: That is the recently discovered miniature or ‘cartoon’ painted by Michelangelo, believed to be his original idea for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Scholars now believe he had misheard ‘Sistine’ as ‘Pristine’, but soon realised his error.] (BTW: the spray-bottle reads ‘Heaven’ in ether Chinese or Japanese)



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